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We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. There is no surcharge for using your credit card to make purchases. Please be sure to provide your exact billing address and telephone number (i.e. the address and phone number your credit card bank has on file for you). Open accounts are available with standard Net 30 terms (Subject to credit approval) for customers who purchase on a regular basis. Net 30 open accounts with frequent past due bills may lose the Net 30 payment privilege indefinitely, and be placed on credit card terms. Buyer is responsible for all expenses that incur with collection, attorney fees or any other expenses that arise on past due accounts. Accounts with infrequent purchases may be removed from Net 30 terms and placed on credit card terms.

Discount, Promotions & Sales

Any discounts, promotions or sales are subject to change and/or discontinue anytime without notice. Discounts, promotions or sales can not be combined unless specified differently. Special quoted, special order or custom (Made to order) items do not qualify for any discounts, promotions or sales. Only valid for new orders placed within the dates listed in the promotion. (Past or pending orders do not qualify) Commercial accounts may not qualify for certain discounts or promotions.


The Seller reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to cancel your order or to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item. In the event an item becomes backordered, then that item will be removed or the quantity will be reduced on the order to the current on-hand quantity. Backorders are subject to shipping charges for each shipment made.

Special Order / Made-To-Order Products

Any special order / made-to-order products are non-returnable nor non-cancelable. The customer is solely responsible for any errors if a drawing was not provided to NPP. All quantities are subject to a production run of +/- 7% of the actual quantity ordered and will be considered complete. NPP may provide a print to the buyer to review and sign after the order is placed. The buyer is responsible to verify all dimensions in the print and to ensure the product is suitable for the application in which its being installed on. Made to order products are supplied in bulk packed. Special packaging is available for an additional charge. Buyer is solely responsible to ensure that products being requested and produced by the Seller do not infringe on any U.S. Patents. The buyer shall hold the Seller free from any liability for infringements of any U.S. Patents.

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Any drawings, prints or product diagrams are sole property of NPP. These may not be redistributed, copied, upload or transmitted in anyway without written permission by NPP.

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Lead times provided are only estimated and are not guaranteed. The lead times do not include time in transit from our facility to the delivery address. Any lead times provided in a quote are calculated from the order date, not the quote date. All lead times are subject to change at the time of order. If a print is required to be signed for an order, then the lead time is calculated from the day that the print was signed and returned back to us. Very rare, but uncontrollable situations beyond anyone's control can happen and cause significant delays. The buyer is still obligated to an order even if the lead time has significantly surpassed the original estimated lead time.

Order Acceptance / Cancellation Policy

Your receipt of an electronic or any other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. Our company reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. Once the order is placed there is no changing, cancelling or combining of any order at anytime.

Other Conditions

These Terms & Conditions will supersede any terms and conditions you include with any purchase order, regardless of whether Nitro Power Products signs them or not. We reserve the right to make changes to this site and these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. All these terms and conditions apply to all orders being placed by mail, fax, verbal (Phone) or electronic (eCommerce).

Phone Orders

Miscommunication does happen and we can not accept responsibility for errors that occur when placing orders by phone. We strongly encourage you to either order online, email or fax purchase orders. Made To Order products can not be ordered by phone - hard copy is required.

Product Dimensions

Manufacturing techniques are always improving with modern technology, which can result in slightly different product dimensions. Actual product dimensions may vary from the dimensions listed online or in our catalogs/brochures, so we strongly encourage the buyer to contact us and confirm any crucial dimensions.


All pricing provided provided is in USD (U.S. Dollar). Pricing is subject to change anytime without notice. We reserve the right to correct any pricing that was listed incorrectly due to a typographical error, whether or not the order was already accepted, shipped and/or invoiced.

Nitro Plus Accounts

Applying for a Nitro Plus account does not guarantee you'll qualify. To maintain an active Nitro Plus account with discounts, you must spend $5,000+ USD per calendar year. Any account falling below $5,000 USD within a 12 month period, may lose any discounts associated with the account. A $50 minimum order is REQUIRED per order placed for all Nitro Plus account customers. These accounts may not qualify for certain promotions, sales or discounts. An account with multiple past due occurrences may permanently lose any discounts associated with the account indefinitely. Made to order, special order, clearance/discontinued or any non-standard stock items do not qualify for any discounts that are associated with the account. We reserve the right to discontinue, modify discounts, temporarily suspend or permanently close any Nitro Plus account at any time for any undisclosed reason.

Customer agrees not to sell our products on any website that the Customer does not own. To clarify, the Customer will not sell on any third party website, including but not limited to, Amazon.com, Jet.com, Walmart.com and/or any other sites where the domain(s) is not owned and operated by the Customer.

Taxes / Duties

The Seller shall automatically charge and withhold the applicable sales tax for orders where we are required by law. If Buyer claims sales tax exemption, then Buyer must provide Seller with all valid & signed tax exemption documentation from their jurisdiction. By submitting any tax exempt documentation to us, you certify that all information is valid and reflects your current tax status. Buyer is responsible to notify the Seller if there are any changes to the buyers tax status.

Buyer may be responsible for any additional taxes, duties or surcharges for shipments sent outside of the USA.

Third Party Links

This site "rollerchain4less.com" may contain third party links to other sites. We do not have control of third party websites content, practices, policies or privacy.

Shipping & Returns

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All products have a one year warranty from the order date unless noted differently. Warranty claims by the buyer must be written with detailed information on the defect and/or workmanship. Products are subject to an inspection by the Seller, before granting any warranty replacement. Any indicators of alteration, abuse, misuse, installation error, overload, wear & tear from normal use, improper drive design, abnormal wear, incorrect size product, improper maintenance and accident will void any warranty. Products will be replaced at no charge with a similar product if the product has been deemed defective by us. The Seller will not be liable to cover any consequential losses, business loss, profits, labor charges, damages, time lost or any other costs/expenses with a product that is deemed defective by either a defect and/or workmanship.

The following is not covered by any warranty:
  • Any Tools (Example: chain breakers & chain pullers)
  • Roller chains & components used in lifting applications
  • Super premium roller chain that uses offset links or slip fit connecting links
  • Product blanks (Products that are being machined by the buyer or third party)
  • Altered products (Products that have been altered from the original state)
  • Products being used for on-road or racing applications
  • Products manufactured outside of a recommend value. (Example: Bores larger than the maximum recommended)
  • Promotional Items
  • Clearance Products
  • Product samples
  • Products for testing (Testing is usually a destructive process)

All terms & conditions are subject to change anytime without notice.