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How To Measure Roller Chain

Posted by Admin on 9/19/2017 to General
Roller chain is typically measured by the following points to determine what size chain you have.
  1. Measure the Pitch
  2. Measure the roller diameter
  3. Measure the inner width between the plates

The easiest solution to find what size chain you have is to look at the side plates for a stamped in number.  More than likely you'll need to clean off a few side plates in order to see the size.

Click here to view complete roller chain size charts

Attachment Roller Chain

Posted by Admin on 8/3/2017 to Made To Order Products
Nitro Attachment Roller Chain

RollerChain4Less.com offers made to order attachment roller chain.  We offer a large range of different style attachment links.  Attachment chain is available in standard, stainless steel, nickel plated, conveyor & agricultural chain.

SDC Steel Detachable Chain

Posted by on 6/28/2017 to New Products
We now offer a full range of SDC Steel Detachable Chain in stock.  We also offer a wide variety of different styles of attachment links for the steel detachable chain.

Favorite List

Posted by on 5/17/2017 to Site Features
We now have a feature called Favorite List, which allows you to store certain products under your account.  Simply login and look for the below button on the product page.

Difference Between Standard Roller Chain & O-Ring Roller Chain

Posted by Admin on 5/11/2017 to General
Both chains are nearly identical and carry the same dimensions.  O-Ring roller chain has an o-ring around the pin located between the two link plates. The o-ring helps hold lubrication in as well as keeping out dust, dirt and abrasive material out.

Nitro Roller Chain Maintenance

Posted by on 2/7/2017 to Roller Chain Maintenance
Roller chain maintenance is the most critical aspect to a chains life.  Roller chain should be cleaned with petroleum cleaner and inspected for signs of discoloration or evident wearing. Any signs of discoloration or wearing to roller chain components means the chain is not receiving an adequate amount of lubrication. Read more to download the Nitro roller chain care reference sheet.

About Nitro Roller Chain

Posted by on 1/31/2017
Nitro™ roller chain is a high quality product that's manufactured from carefully selected raw material.  All of our roller chain products not only meet ANSI B29.1 standard, but they exceed these standards.  The factory is ISO9001:2008 certified for quality assurance on all the products being produced. Nitro roller chain is a premium product at a competitive price.

Dacromet Plated Roller Chain

Posted by on 1/31/2017 to New Products
We now offer Dacromet plated roller chain that's highly corrosive resistant with greater strength over #304 stainless steel roller chain.  Nitro™ Dacromet roller chain is now available from #35 up to #80. Large stock - Order online today!

D1 & D3 Pre-Made Attachment Chain

Posted by on 1/19/2017 to New Products
Pre-Made D1 & D3 attachment roller chain will be arriving soon.  All of our attachments on the pre-made chain are riveted only. Not assembled with connecting link style attachments, which only a slip fit link plate.

New Super Premium Roller Chain

Posted by on 1/18/2017 to New Products
New Super Premium Roller Chain
Checkout our new line of Super Premium roller chain.  This chain is primarily used in extreme shock load situations.  Click the image to start shopping