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Roller Chain Sprockets & Hubs

Quality Nitroâ„¢ Sprockets. We offer a wide range of sprockets and we also offer made-to-order sprockets (Minimums & Lead times may apply).  Send us a drawing under our Custom Products page.

Finished Bore Sprocket (Type B/BS) - Has a hub with keyway and 2 setscrews (Most Common)
Flat Plate Sprocket (Type A) - Flat sprocket with plain bore
Idler Sprocket (Type BB) - Sprocket with a ball bearing that has a wide inner ring.
Weld On Sprocket - Flat sprockets that are used with or without Weld On Hubs
Weld On Hubs - Hubs are used with weld on sprockets - Wide range of bore sizes
QD Sprockets & Hubs - Sprockets and hubs are fastened together with 3 bolts.  Hubs are tapered which pinches the shaft when tightening in the 3 bolts.
SDC Sprockets - These sprockets are for CA550, CA620 roller chain & #55 & #62 steel detachable chain

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