Made To Order Products

A large part of our business is made to order products such as custom machined sprockets, attachment roller chain, special ordered chain assemblies and much more.  Made To Order products can be manufactured from several types of materials like stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and more. Many products can be finished with black oxide, zinc plating and nickel plating.

Sprockets (ANSI 25 thru 240) (DIN/BS 06B thru 32B)
  • Special bores (Metric, Hex, Square, Tapered, D)
  • Tree sprockets
  • Fastened with bearings or bushings
  • Double single
  • Type A 
  • Type B/BS
  • Type C
  • Multi strand (Double, Triple, Quaddruple)
  • And much more...
Attachment Roller Chain
  • Made to any length
  • Wide range of attachment links
  • Custom attachments per print
  • Any spacing on attachments

Special Order Chain Assemblies
  • Custom cut lengths
  • Endless (Connected in a loop)