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A2040 X 10FT Extended Pitch Roller Chain

Item ID: RCA2040-1R-10FT
Availability: 54 In Stock Nitro RCA2040-1R-10FT
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Pitch (P): 1"
Roller Width (b1): 5/16"
Roller Diameter (d2): 0.312"
Overall Width: (L): 0.653"
Pin Diameter (d1): 0.156"
Link Plate Height (h2): 0.469"
Link Plate Thickness (T): 0.060"
Average Tensile Strength (LBS): 3,700
Number of Links per 10 ft: 120
1 Connecting Link Included
  • Heat Treated For Maximum Hardness
  • Shot Peening For Longer Fatigue Resistance
  • Pre Strechted to Minimize Elongation Overtime
  • Meets ANSI Specifications

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