81XSS X 10FT Stainless Steel Conveyor Roller Chain (Lumber Chain)

Item ID: RC81XSS-1R-10FT
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81X Series conveyor roller chain is manufactured from 304 stainless steel.  Also known as lumber conveyor roller chain.
Pitch (P): 2.609"
Roller Width (b1): 1.062"
Roller Diameter (d1): 0.905"
Overall Width: (L): 1.929"
Pin Diameter (d2): 0.437"
Link Plate Height (h2): 1.122"
Link Plate Thickness (T): 0.156"
Average Tensile Strength (Lbs): 11,000
No. Of Links/Pitches Per 10 Feet: 46
No. Of Connecting Links Included: 1
  • Highly corrosive resistant
  • Solid Roller & Solid Bushing
  • Can be used in high temperature applications 

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