60B11 1-1/8
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60B11 1-1/8" Finished Bore Sprocket (60BS11H-1-1/8)

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ANSI Type B / BS finished bore sprockets have a hub on one side with two set screws and a keyway.  All Type B / BS Nitro sprockets have a black oxide finish.

Fits ANSI Chain Size: #60
Bore (D1): 1-1/8"
Number Of Teeth: 11
Outside Diameter (de): 3.005"
Sprocket Thickness (B1): 0.459" (Not including Hub)
Hub Diameter (dm): 2-1/16"
LTB - Length Thru Bore (A): 1-1/4"
Keyway Size: 1/4" X 1/8"
Hardended Teeth: Yes (30-45Rc)
Number Of Setscrews: 2

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