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SDC 55 X 10Ft Steel Detachable Chain

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SDC 55 X 10Ft Steel Detachable Chain.

Pitch (P): 1.630"
Overall Width (M): 1.281"
Connecting Tab Width (D): 0.796"
Inner Width For Tab (E): 0.813"
Thickness (T): 0.125" +/- 0.006"
Average Tensile Strength (LBS): 2,240
Number Of Links Per 10ft: 74

Steel Detachable Chain (SDC) is mostly used in the Agricultural industry for conveying such as bale elevators.  Attachment links are available for the SDC chain that allows you to bolt on buckets, slats, chain flights and other various products.
  • Manufactured from quality steel
  • Heat treated for high strength & longevity
  • Easy to install and repair

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