40-1R X 100 FT Standard Roller Chain

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40-1R X 100 FT Standard ANSI Roller Chain
ANSI Chain #: 40
Pitch (P): 1/2"
Roller Width (b1): 5/16"
Roller Diameter (d1): 0.312"
Overall Width: (L): 0.653"
Pin Diameter (d2): 0.156"
Link Plate Height (h2): 0.469"
Link Plate Thickness (T): 0.060"
Average Tensile Strength (LBS): 3,900
No. Of Pitches/Links Per 10 Feet: 240
No. Of Connecting Links Included: 10

Single strand roller chain is the most common chain.  All of our roller chain products meets and exceeds ANSI specifications to offer top quality durable products.  Single strand roller chain is used for a wide variety of applications such as industrial, agricultural,  lawn and garden and much more.
  • Meets and exceeds ANSI B29.1 specifications
  • Roller chain components are shot peened for greater fatigue resistance
  • Heat treated components for increased durability, longevity and wear resistance
  • Chain is pre-loaded (Pre-stretched) to eliminate initial stretching.
  • Chain components are lubricated before assembly, then dipped in a hot oil bath after assembly

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